Het Kabinet komt met een dringend advies tot het dragen van mondkapjes { COVID 19 } WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

What you need to know

Tip  1. Sessie Asian Tokyo 00:00 - 09:00 { Session Breaks 23h } do not trade on Asian session. 

Tip  2. Sessie European Londen 08:00 - 17:00 Breakout } do not trade on Sunday and Monday. 

Tip  3. Sessie New York 13:00 - 22:00 Retracement } do not trade on Friday.

Tip  4. Dubbel top Up trend long ( 100% Buy) Take Profit. 1 / TP. 2 / TP. 3 on micro and macro 15m Chart. The best on US30 and all Stock, Futures and Forex markets.

Tip  5. Follow The Trend { Backtesting } Head en Shoulder Buy or Sell on micro and macro Chart Optimizing your trading strategy. 

Tip  6. Moving Average 20 Middel zone 50 { Support zone Buy and 200 { Resistance zone Sell or change MA 200 in Bollinger Band 200 indicator.

Tip 7. What you need to know on Reversal. The moving average (MA) and trendlines help traders to identify reversals. FOLLOW THE TREND

Tip 8. What you need to know What's Stop Hunt { Google vs You Tube } Drain the Bank.!?

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